A play by Alan Davie



Amanda:  Hello, James, er... Mr. Edgbaston? 

I hope you remember me. My name is Amanda, Amanda Jefferson.

We met at Sally Humberstone’s party. You suggested that we should meet to discuss an opening in your ….

Charles:  Sorry, No, I’m Charles, James is my twin brother.

Amanda:  How amazing! You look so much like him. You must be identical 


Charles: Well, not really. You see… 

(James enters noisily)

Rupert:   Hello, Charlie, How’re you doing? And who is this lovely lady?

Charles:  Jimmy! This is Miss Jefferies. She has an appointment with you to discuss an employment opportunity. 

Rupert:   Well!  Miss Jeffers. I am certain we can find an opening within my organisation for you. No need for a CV. I can tell just by looking at you that you will fit in nicely. 

Amanda:  My name is actually Jefferson. Doctor Amanda Jefferson. 

You said, at Sally Humberstone’s party, that there might be a suitable opportunity for me, in your Research and Development Department. 

James:  Sal’s party? Oh yes I remember. I had been celebrating the landing of a big contract since lunchtime. I had had quite a few, but I do remember you. I think I called you Doc BeautyBrains or something like that.

Amanda:  Yes you were a little inebriated, but charming. I found the nick- name quite flattering. 

Should I have a word with your HR Department?

James:   No! No need for that. I will get HR and the Legal bods to knock up a job description and I will be in touch. Sorry I would love to stop and chat, but I have to rush off. Another meeting… See you! Bye!

(James rushes out) 

Amanda:  But… (turning to Charles)… he doesn’t have my contact details and I would really like to leave my CV. 

Charles:  Ah! I wouldn’t worry too much about that. How can I put this?

There might not be a job. 

My brother is not really a captain of industry, he likes to play the role of a man of power, mainly, I’m sad to say, to impress the ladies 

Amanda:  But I thought… I don’t know… 

I was rather banking on getting a job here; I have been unemployed since I completed my doctorate. 

Charles:  I’m so sorry. That is what I was about to explain when you said that we were identical twins.

We might look exactly alike but we have totally different characters. 

You have seen James and his, how shall I put it,.. extrovert behaviour. 

I tend to be somewhat retiring and bookish.

Amanda:  No! I think you are thoughtful and kind, A real Gentleman.

Charles:  Thank you, I am flattered. 

Let me try to explain.

James and I are more than just twins, we are Mirror Image Twins. 

For instance, James is right handed, I am left handed. I have a birth mark on my left hip and Jimmy has the same mark on his right hip. We are complete opposites.  

Amanda:  That is very interesting and most unusual.

Charles:  Unusual? Just wait, there is more. My heart is on the left side of my chest, which is normal; Jimmy’s heart is on the right hand side of his chest. Yes even our internal organs are transposed, mirror imaged.

Amanda:  Astounding! Tell me more about these ‘mirror image’ differences.

Charles:  Well I could tell you…

(James re-enters, perhaps a little drunk, but far less boisterous than previously, He walks straight up to 

Amanda takes her hand and looks straight into her eyes.)

James:  I’m sorry I rushed off like that. I think you and I could possibly… help each other. Perhaps we could discuss it over dinner? 

(Amanda’s is captivated by James’s gaze)

James: I expect that Charlie has explained the trauma of being, a twin, even a Mirror Image Twin. 

It is particularly difficult for me, because I am the different one, or maybe defective one. 

Come with me and I will explain the agony and heartbreak of my position.

(Amanda willingly follows James, holding his hand. There is even a hint of tears in her eyes)

(Charles is left alone)

Charles:  I don’t believe it. He’s done it again. 

Turned on the charm. The little boy lost act. 

I’ve seen it so many times before. 

I thought she was different, stronger, brighter, more intelligent, but no they are all the same. 

I will never understand women!