Introduction and biography?

I have known Erol Hasan a scant twelve months, but in that time I've been blown away by the way he comes up with thought-provoking pieces month after month. Poems, stories, plays and, as illustrated below, think pieces designed to get the grey matter working. I asked him for a short biography. This is what he sent me:


I think, I read,

I talk, I listen;

I frame ideas in my head,

And reframe them;

I fantasise creating work,

That is better than anything

That I have actually produced;

Thinking , comprehending,

Formulating and mastering ideas;

All of this seems easy,

When it is happening in my head;

But more difficult,

When trying to relate to another person,

Orally or in writing;

But the mental input,

The focus and the ideation,

Become a resource;

Accessing this is difficult,

So I concentrate on concentrating,

And let the thoughts flow,

From the reservoir of knowledge and intuition

That I have accumulated;

My conscious mind steering and sculpting

The outpouring of the subconscious;

This is how I write.

It is the same way I play sport;

And if I played a musical instrument,

The principle would be the same...

Absolutely perfect, Erol!

THINK PIECE 30 - 1- 2020

Changing Fear

You are troubled,

Always carrying a burden;

Your mind is highly active,

But either looking inward,

Or peering outward, seeking trouble;

And then crashing in on itself.

I know you are no masochist,

And want to be happy;

But you are afraid – so afraid,

And totally accustomed to this existence;

Not to have something to fear,

Would seem unnervingly unfamiliar;

The uncertainty of it,

And the possibility of being caught unawares

By a pang of fear,

Is more terrifying to you

Than your relentless drip-feed

Of predictable stimuli,

Even though they torment you,

And destroy your quality of life,

And render a talented person dysfunctional.

What is your dominant anxiety today?

Fear of loss of control-

Ultimately death?

Fear of rejection,

And thus also of failure?

Or that your weaknesses,

Many of them merely idiosyncrasies,

Render you strange and unacceptable;

Whereas those of other people

Define a personality?

Your anxieties interchange,

And your moods likewise oscillate,

Between extreme intensity

And utter desolation;

Like unbearably severe tunes

Alternately ringing in your ears.

You are so self-punitive;

Do you fear that, if you are not,

Some other force will hit you even harder?

To let go seems more daunting than all of this;

Your world might spin

Out of control;

Or mutate, or be carried away

By a sinister force;

You dare not let this happen.

You fear death and continued living in similar measure;

Ditto, your conscious experience and loss of consciousness;

Small wonder that you suffer insomnia.

You have not looked at death face-on;

You have not confronted anything squarely,

In spite of your incessant thinking.

Let go, my friend;

Let life happen;

Make yourself available;

Do not substitute one fear for another;

Instead experiment with focus.

You will not fail at everything;

Nor be let down by everyone;

Cherish the best parts of your past,

And look with optimism to the future;

Do not endlessly reiterate and recycle the worst parts of your life;

Just take life as a gift,

And experience as a learning resource;

And let the music you play in your head

Gravitate to a pleasant, soothing tone;

You will soon become a reflection

Of that attractive melody.

think piece 30 - 1- 2020



“I’ll do it later;”

But then “later” becomes “now”;

It does not happen.

Think piece by erol hasan 14 - 11- 2019

Coping With Grief

There are no clever words to offer;

No escaping the reality;

The loss of a loved one

Is what it is;

It has to be borne;

Death is a part of life;

So, too, the accompanying bereavement;

Keep occupied;

See other people, and remember that

It is simpler to accept suffering,

Than to try to delay or offset it;

It may return,

Perhaps in a confused or mutated form,

And  at a time when

You do not expect to grieve,

And others are less tolerant of it from you;

It will then be more difficult to deal with-

Deeply entrenched,

Like a sting or infection that has not been removed,

And that has come to affect

All parts of your being;

People will notice your neurosis,

But not understand the cause.

Therefore, grieve at your loss;

Accept your current suffering,

However cruel and overwhelming it is;

Do not try to make sense of your life now-

That is for a later date;

But maintain yourself;

Everyone who loves you would want you to;

Do not try to force clarity;

Just maintain your faith;

Clarity will emerge with the passage of time;

Everyone has to endure grief,

And most find a way of coping;

So keep going,

And may God bless you.


Think piece by erol hasan 4-11-2019

We Guess


No one knows 

How another person feels;

Nor can they be aware of

The history, the experience, of that other;

Nor intuit what issues are most pressing 

And pertinent to that being.

None can interpret 

What love means to another

(No, not what it really means);

Nor hate, nor envy, 

Joy or sadness;

We invent words and concepts,

To make a connection

But we do not really know.

We all share a common trait-

Awareness of being alive; 

Yet some are more anchored in this phase than others;

We should all understand how life matters

To all who possess it;

Yet, the experience of one

Is mysterious to another;

We create theories , theses,

And technical jargon,

That have to be continually modified,

Because none of us really knows. 

If I could be you for a day,

It would make no sense;

For it would be I being you,

Not you being you-

And they are different things;

And, to that end, this physical and mental life

Is not all there is;

For it does not define or describe

Our soul, our essence;

So, who are you, and who am I?

And who are the legions of living beings,

That pass through this life-space,

Most of whom we shall never be aware of,

Let alone know, let alone understand?

Yet we depend on one another;

Relate to each other;

Are constantly changing, and altered by,

The source and the sauce

Within which we operate;

How can we make sense of this life,

So rich and abundant

And full of delight,

Albeit punctuated by fear and despair?

We guess...

think piece by erol hasan

Taming an Unquiet Mind

Life may be claustrophobic; it may also be agoraphobic.

The expanse of matter is overwhelming;

But so, too, the limitations of my mobility,

Or of my permitted access;

if I am disabled, or incarcerated,

The more so.

My finitude is frightening,

But the thought of living forever

May also be unnerving.

If my mind is unquiet;

if I fear existence;

if I dwell on the past,

Or try to construct a future,

For which there are so many possibilities,

That it would be a miracle

If I guessed the one that happens,

I shall necessarily be tormented,

And drown in fear,

Borne of my own conceptualisation;

But I can relinquish all these concerns,

And experience life as it happens;

For life, in its infinite variety,

And in our capacity to perceive and appreciate,

Is beautiful and wonderful;

This transcends the events and situations,

Some of which are not good;

And loss is not total loss,

Unless we perceive it to be so;

And that is a choice we have.

Therefore, I shall relish life,

As much of it as I can get,

And hoping that it will last forever;

Trusting its source,

And not trying to overcomplicate things,

With delusions of being myself

A master of life and destiny;

I am a tiny part of the whole;

But, as such,

Of unquestionable importance.